At GNT we work in partnership with clients to deliver new innovative products.

We understand your challenges and from concept to market our focus is to deliver a quality product on budget and on time.

Our team's range of skills, GNT's in-house capabilities, broad industry experience, management and technical expertise will greatly assist in providing clients with a creative and functional approach to their product development.


Product design is critical and must deliver on both internal systems layout and external functionality.

Our strategy is to design, test, evaluate and then modify the design based on analysis of the prototype.

Critical in this phase is to develop the prototype, which is provided to the client to for final evaluation and testing. On completion of evaluation and testing any modifications and changes are incorporated.

At GNT when it comes to design we focus on delivering a product built around aesthetics, functionality, robustness, user-friendliness and most importantly compliant with national and international regulatory requirements.


GNT understands the market pressures and key drivers for clients when it comes to delivering a new innovative product to the market.

With the finalisation of the design phase, GNT's team commences the necessary final build of materials, technical drawings, artwork production drawings and tooling.

Our approach to product development, design, engineering and software management will result in a shorter lead time to market, lower manufacturing cost, improved reliability and superior product quality.